Silver Shackles the Audiobook Is Here!

Guess what exciting email popped into my inbox this morning? That’s right! Silver Shackles, the second book of The Revelations Trilogy by Fiona Skye, is now available as an audiobook, narrated by yours truly!

This was an especially fun book to narrate, not only because of the rich and varied cast of characters (including Riley, the Bostonian narrator, the Scottish and Irish faeries, and some surprise lines in Czech and Mandarin Chinese!), but because it was my first time using my new mic (a CAD Equitek E100S) and Scarlett USB interface. The sound difference is incredible, and it is such a responsive and delicate mic that it challenged me to grow quite a bit in my narration style.

The book itself is a real treat. It’s a little bit shorter than Book 1, but it will take you on another hair-rising ride with all of your favourite characters. Riley spends some time… well, let’s just say… indisposed in this book, allowing you to get to know the supporting cast a bit better. Book 3 promises to be a real treat, and I can’t wait to read it for you!

Stay tuned for some giveaways and more promotional materials to celebrate the release of the audiobook.

As always, thanks for listening!